Soundscapes #3 Munich

The upcoming SoundScapes #3 Festival, 2021 in Munich, is a new metamorphosis of the previous SoundScapes Festivals 2016 and 2018 / Helsinki. Thirteen European Masters from the international avantgarde music scenes of Instant-Composing celebrate the inexhaustible variety of ensemble processes taken to the extreme. The audience is drawn into an irresistible maelstrom of the here and now.

Remaining true to the basic idea of giving space to outstanding Finnish and European musical personalities of different generations SoundScapes 2021 will once again delightfully unfold the countless possibilities of ensemble instrumentation from the art of the duo to the art of the tutti to their full extent.

The festival will take place in “schwere reiter“, Munich 1. – 2. October 2021.

It is organized by Offene Ohren e.V., Freunde der Improvisierten Musik, with support of Initiative Musik – a Neustart Kultur project.

The concerts will be broadcast and recorded by Bayerischer Rundfunk.



01.10. | 8 pm

Tutti Orchestra: Bauer – Casserley – Floridis – Gordoa – Heather – De Joode – Kalima – Kujala – Mureddu – Narvesen – Schiaffini – Sjöström – Tramontana – Wachsmann

Trio: Heather – Kalima – Mureddu

Quartet: Gordoa – De Joode – Schiaffini – Wachsmann

Duo: Kujala – Sjöström


Duo: Floridis – Schiaffini

Quartet: Casserley – Gordoa – Heather -Narvesen

Duo: Tramontana – Wachsmann

Quintet: Bauer – Kujala – Mureddu – Narvesen – Sjöström

02.10. | 8 pm

Quintet: De Joode – Narvesen – Tramontana –Sjöström – Wachsmann

Trio: Gordoa – Heather – Kalima

Quintet: Bauer- Floridis – De Joode- Schiaffini –Tramontana

Quartet: Casserley – Mureddu ­- Sjöström –Wachsmann


Duo: Gordoa – Schiaffini

Quartet: Bauer – Floridis – Heather – Mureddu

Trio: Casserley – Kalima – Kujala

Tutti Orchestra: Bauer – Casserley – Floridis – Gordoa – Heather – De Joode – Kalima – Kujala – Mureddu – Narvesen – Schiaffini – Sjöström – Tramontana – Wachsmann

Subject to change

Photos ©Cristina Marx /Photomusix | Luciano Rossetti © Phocus Agency (Name of photographer on photos)


Musicians: Matthias Bauer – double bass / Lawrence Casserley – signal processing instrument / Floros Floridis – bass clarinet & clarinet / Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone & percussion / Steve Heather – drums & percussion / Wilbert de Joode – double bass / Kalle Kalima – guitar / Veli Kujala – 1/4 -accordion / Libero Mureddu – piano / Dag Magnus Narvesen – drums & percussion / Giancarlo Schiaffini – trombone / Harri Sjöström – soprano & sopranino saxophone / Sebi Tramontana – trombone / Philipp Wachsmann – violine & electronics


Hannes Schneider | Offene Ohren e.V.

Soundscapes Festival # 3 (2021) once again brings together a round dozen top musicians from the international avant-garde music scenes from Finland, England, Norway, Italy, Mexico, Holland, Greece, and Germany. The two-day festival provides deep insights into the exciting world of free improvisation and contemporary composition. In continuous interplay, the audience is drawn into the maelstrom of the here and now – sometimes in fascinating real-time dialogues of ad-hoc duos or smaller ensembles, sometimes in rousing tutti sequences of all participating musicians.

As in the previous 2018 edition, the formal structure remains the same: on each of the two evenings there will be two long concerts with continuously changing instrumentations, to then culminate in an intense sound experience with all the musicians involved and its crowning conclusion.

The Soundscapes idea originated in a loose sequence of improvisation concerts in Berlin in 2013, initiated by the enterprising Finnish soprano saxophonist Harri Sjöström, initially as an encounter between Finnish musicians and international musicians established in Berlin.

In 2016, the first “Soundscapes X-Tension” resulted in the form of a festival in Helsinki, already then with the focus of offering Finnish and international improvisation musicians and instant composers a joint free platform.

Two years later, in 2018, this idea was further concretised in a second festival, also in Helsinki (documented on a double CD as “Balderin Sali Variations”).

We, the Offene Ohren e.V., are now planning the third edition of this festival with “Soundscapes – 2021” in Munich. We would like to thank our cooperation partner Scope (Spielraum für aktuelle Musik) for the very suitable venue Schwere Reiter, and above all the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.

The Bayrische Rundfunk / Bayern 4 Klassik will record the entire concert in order to

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